Hyperfast broadband for your digital home

Say goodbye to arguments about broadband sharing and let the whole family connect, work and play – the way they want.

We future proof your home with hyper fast (up to 900 Mbps) and reliable broadband, combined with Wi-Fi that connects all of your devices, powered by CityFibre’s fast growing fibre only network.

All for a straightforward, great value price, that won’t change during your contract.

Hyperfast broadband simply better

City Fibre

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What makes us different?


With up to 900 Mbps, the whole family can connect, work and play all at the same time.

Incredibly reliable

The latest technology means no outdated components that cause reliability issues.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Connect your devices easily and benefit from full fibre throughout your home.

Full fibre broadband

From the exchange to your home means end-to-end performance.


Clear and simple fibre broadband packages with no in-contract price rises.

Single focus

On doing one thing really well – providing you with reliable, hyperfast broadband.

Great service

A passionate team supported by the best systems who don’t hide behind technology.

Local touch

UK teams, digitally engaged with our customers and a human face should you want to talk.
Hyperfast broadband simply better

Our hyper broadband

a single, straightforward package
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation Free
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
24 month contract
*for the first 12 months then £45
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation £49
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
12 month contract

Wi-Fi that reaches all your devices

We have your speed covered but we understand speed alone is not enough.

To realise the full benefits of full fibre optic broadband to your home, your Wi-Fi needs to connect to your devices seamlessly and put you in control. It’s about getting the speed around your home.

That’s why we work with Zyxel, a market leader in fibre to the home solutions.

We fit your home with a genuinely gigabit capable device that can cope with the speed, which features intelligent channel management to reduce interference and optimise your network. All of which deliver an amazing Wi-Fi experience.

Great service and full fibre reliability

Our network is fibre only, all the way from the exchange to your home – which means high performance and reliability.

As a new company it means we are able to fanatically focus on doing one thing really well for our customers – delivering hyperfast broadband with great service.

Being new also means we have no outdated systems and processes. We designed and built our company from the ground up, using the latest technology to deliver exceptional service and support.

From our account teams to our customer service teams, we are solely UK based, locally focused and proud to present a human face to the communities we serve.

Do you need hyperfast broadband?

  • Do you have arguments about poor performance when everyone is online at the same time?
  • Do you have Wi-Fi blackspots and struggle to connect all your devices in all your rooms?
  • Does buffering and poor picture quality reduce your streaming TV enjoyment?
  • Is working from home a frustrating experience and not as productive as you would like it to be?
  • Do you experience poor quality video calls, with sync issues, that freeze and break up?
  • Is poor network performance and lag impacting your gaming experience?
And we haven’t forgotten about the full-time home workers, home schoolers, tech heads and e-learners. If this is you – we can help you bridge the digital gap.
Our happy customers