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10 x faster home broadband, available now.

Digital Home is the new broadband choice for Bournemouth.

Powered by CityFibre’s growing network, we deliver hyperfast fibre broadband up to 900 Mbps – that’s 10 x faster than the average home broadband.

City Fibre

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Digital Home are a locally focused fibre broadband provider. This means we can provide a personal approach for our customers and quality customer service. Our mission is simple; to deliver hyperfast broadband in Bournemouth at a competitive price to help your whole household stay online.

Our packages for broadband in Bournemouth are simple. We offer incredible speed, reliable Wi-Fi and amazing service for a competitive price that won’t change during your contract.

And with hyperfast fibre broadband, you get unbeatable end-to-end performance.

Hyperfast broadband, simply better

Opting for broadband from Digital Home means:
  • All the family can be connected to the internet
  • High quality video streaming with no buffering
  • Working from home without interruption
  • Every device can connect seamlessly
  • You get a lag free online gaming experience

What makes Digital Home different?


The whole family can connect, work and play at the same time due to broadband speeds of up to 900 Mbps.

Fibre only

Fibre all the way from the exchange to your home means seamless end-to-end performance.


Using the latest technology means you have reliable fibre broadband without any interruptions.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Full fibre provides Wi-Fi throughout your home allowing to connect and use all your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Best internet provider Bournemouth

Established in 2020, Digital Home are Bournemouth’s newest broadband provider. We are committed to becoming the area’s leading fibre broadband provider, giving households access to a hyperfast, reliable internet connection.

Our network, which is expanding daily, currently reaches nearly 750,000 homes across the UK, with hundreds of customers already connected. We want to provide you with the same level of service and reliability in Bournemouth where our network reaches nearly 50,000 homes.

Switching to fibre broadband is easy. Our hyperfast fibre network is separate from your existing services, meaning you can move whenever suits, without interruption.

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Hyperfast Broadband in Bournemouth

a single, straightforward package
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation Free
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
24 month contract
*for the first 12 months then £45
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation £49
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
12 month contract

A single, straightforward package

  • Up to 900 Mbps from £35 per month
  • Incredible reliability
  • Amazing customer service
  • Fantastic Wi-Fi coverage
  • Wi-Fi router included
  • Zero installation fees
  • Locally focused teams
  • No in-contract price increases
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Reliable Bournemouth broadband services

Digital Home are ahead of the curve, providing hyperfast broadband that exceeds the current and future needs of households in Bournemouth. We understand how important it is to be connected to the internet and have a reliable Wi-Fi connection in your home. We want you to create a digital home, with the best broadband to connect to the internet but also for your home security, appliances, utilities, and all your digital devices.

Having a consistent and affordable broadband connection will allow you to work and play online without disruption. We are proud to be at the forefront of a technological revolution by providing households in Bournemouth with hyperfast fibre broadband.

Broadband Bournemouth FAQs

Can Digital Home provide me with broadband and Wi-Fi in Bournemouth?

Use our postcode checker to see. When you take out a fibre broadband package with us, we provide you with a Wi-Fi router for free. Once your broadband is active and your router is plugged in you will be able to connect your Wi-Fi enabled devices to your new hyperfast broadband.

Switching broadband provider is easy and is on your terms. You can use our postcode checker to make sure we can connect your home. You can then contact your current supplier to find out your contract expiry date, cancel or run both services in parallel if you’re happy to do so. Then simply place your order with us. All you will need to do is plug in your router when it arrives and connect your wired and Wi-Fi enabled devices accordingly.

Digital Home will provide you with up to 900 Mbps. This isn’t just super-fast broadband, this is hyperfast. With this type of broadband speed, your entire household can be using the internet without interruption. No longer will your workday be impacted by a family member playing a game online or your entertainment streaming be disrupted by the dreaded loading symbol.

Regular broadband runs through copper cables whereas fibre broadband operates purely through fibre optic cables, end to end. Fibre broadband can handle a much larger volume of data than regular broadband. Compared to fibre broadband, regular broadband is much slower and the signal strength poorer, particularly when a property is located a distance away from the exchange. Opting for fibre broadband eliminates any issues and means you will have a reliable and hyperfast internet connection.

CityFibre is the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure and the builder of Gigabit Cities. Digital Home wanted to provide Bournemouth with the very best hyperfast broadband, which is why our broadband solution is powered by CityFibre’s network.

We don’t just cover Bournemouth, you can find out more about CityFibre Portsmouth and CityFibre Southend today. Digital Home broadband is available in both of these locations and our network is constantly growing.

If you live in Bournemouth and are interested in hyperfast broadband from Digital Home simply enter your postcode into our Postcode Checker. This is the quickest and simplest way to see if Digital Home broadband is currently available in your area.

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