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Do you want hyperfast broadband in Edinburgh?

We are Digital Home, one of the leading broadband providers in Edinburgh. With speeds up to 900 Mbps your home can benefit from great Wi-Fi and amazing customer service. All powered by CityFibre’s fibre broadband network.

City Fibre

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Take advantage of our rapidly growing fibre optic network to bring up to 900Mbps broadband to your home. Digital Home combine hyperfast broadband with great service, all for the same low price for the duration of the contract. Our ethos is to provide our customers in Edinburgh with fast, reliable broadband using only the latest technology. This means your entire household won’t experience lagging or buffering when online, no matter how many devices are connected.

Hyperfast broadband, simply better

Digital Home fibre broadband means
  • Up to 900 Mbps from £35 per month
  • Amazing service
  • Great Wi-Fi coverage
  • Wi-Fi router included
  • No installation costs
  • Locally focused teams
  • No in-contract price changes

What makes Digital Home different?


The whole family can connect, work and play at the same time due to broadband speeds of up to 900 Mbps.

Fibre only

Fibre all the way from the exchange to your home means seamless end-to-end performance.


Using the latest technology means you have reliable fibre broadband without any interruptions.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Full fibre provides Wi-Fi throughout your home allowing to connect and use all your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Digital Home and CityFibre Edinburgh

We are helping households in Edinburgh stay connected by partnering with CityFibre and taking advantage of their fibre network. But it’s not just the incredible fibre optic broadband speeds that make the difference. We provide quality customer service to prospective and existing customers during their time with Digital Home. You will never be connected to a call centre – we are a locally focused business, offering a human face to our customers.

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Fibre Broadband Edinburgh

a single, straightforward package
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation Free
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
24 month contract
*for the first 12 months then £45
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation £49
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
12 month contract

A single, straightforward package

  • Up to 900 Mbps from £35 per month
  • Incredible reliability
  • Amazing customer service
  • Fantastic Wi-Fi coverage
  • Wi-Fi router included
  • Zero installation fees
  • Locally focused customer care teams
  • No in-contract price increases
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Best broadband Edinburgh

We are proud to provide broadband that is surpassing current and future needs. Being part of the technological revolution means we can provide end-to-end performance that is perfect for creating your own digital home. Using technology in the home is becoming more and more common and with our hyperfast broadband your home is futureproofed for current and upcoming devices.

Edinburgh Broadband FAQs

Can Digital Home provide me with Wi-Fi in Edinburgh?

Yes, Digital Home’s fibre broadband will let you connect all your Wi-Fi enabled devices. We will send you a router before the activation date that you just need to plug in according to the instructions provided. Once your broadband is enabled, you can connect any Wi-Fi device by selecting the router in your Wi-Fi preferences and entering the password on the router.

Migrating to fibre broadband is simple. Our hyperfast broadband network is separate from your existing service, so you can switch from your existing broadband at your convenience and experience no service interruptions in your home. Alternatively, you can run both in parallel until your term comes to an end, leaving you to cancel fee-free. Switch broadband easily with Digital Home.

Our full fibre broadband service offers speeds up to 900 Mbps – this is 10 times faster than traditional broadband. This means, no matter how many devices are connected in your household, you will be able to work and play online without any interruption.

Traditional broadband uses copper cables to transfer data. In comparison, fibre broadband uses a network of fibre optic cables, which are capable of holding huge volumes of data and transporting it superfast. Digital Home hyperfast broadband works on a fibre only network – unlike some other providers which use a combination of fibre and copper cables. This is why broadband from Digital Home is able to offer you such high speeds.

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