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10 x faster broadband available now

If you live in Renfrewshire and want broadband speeds up to 900Mbps order with us today. Digital Home ensure your whole house can access the internet without interruption, no matter the number of devices connected.

City Fibre

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Digital Home was founded in 2020 and has taken the lead as one of the UK’s newest fibre broadband providers. With locations like Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southend enjoying Digital Home broadband, Renfrewshire is also now part of our network.

What we offer to all our customers is simple: fast fibre broadband with great customer service at a competitive price. Our uncomplicated broadband offering and unbeatable end-to-end performance mean you’ll never experience downtime or connectivity issues. You and your family will be free to upload, download, stream, play, work and study whenever needed.

Hyperfast broadband, simply better

Choosing hyperfast broadband from Digital Home means you will benefit from
  • Internet the entire family can use at any time
  • No buffering or delay when online
  • Clear video calls and live gaming
  • Countless devices can be used simultaneously

What makes Digital Home different?


The whole family can connect, work and play at the same time due to broadband speeds of up to 900 Mbps.

Fibre only

Fibre all the way from the exchange to your home means seamless end-to-end performance.


Using the latest technology means you have reliable fibre broadband without any interruptions.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Full fibre provides Wi-Fi throughout your home allowing to connect and use all your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Digital Home and CityFibre Renfrewshire

By partnering with CityFibre and using their Renfrewshire network, we can help you stay connected. However, it’s not just our incredible broadband speeds that make the difference. We provide high quality customer service to potential and existing customers, continuing throughout your Digital Home contract. You will never be connected to a call centre; we have a local customer service team in Renfrewshire to help you.

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Fibre Broadband Renfewshire

a single, straightforward package
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation Free
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
24 month contract
*for the first 12 months then £45
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation £49
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
12 month contract

A single, straightforward package

  • Up to 900 Mbps from £35 per month
  • Incredible reliability
  • Amazing customer service
  • Fantastic Wi-Fi coverage
  • Wi-Fi router included
  • Zero installation fees
  • Locally focused customer care teams
  • No in-contract price increases
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Best broadband Renfrewshire

Even if you’re not a tech-savvy household, we can assume you have a smartphone, a laptop and at least a smart TV. Today, the market is rife with gadgets and gizmos that use the power of the internet to create digital homes. With so many devices using the internet, many providers don’t offer the broadband speeds needed to keep people online without interference.

Digital Home understands how important it is for a household to have reliable broadband service. We are committed to not only providing our customers with the best broadband solution available today, but one that will stand the test of time as technology advances. With speeds up to 900 Mpbs, you can rest assured that our fast Digital Home broadband will allow your family to enjoy uninterrupted internet access whenever they want.

Renfewshire Broadband FAQs

How easy is it to switch to Digital Home Renfrewshire broadband?

Switching broadband provider is easy with Digital Home. If you don’t currently have a broadband service provider, order Digital Home broadband online and we’ll ship the router to you. However, if you have a contract with an existing provider, you will have to wait until it ends or see if there is a way to end it early. Alternatively, if you wish, you can run both services at the same time until the end of your contract with your current provider.

Digital Home offers broadband speeds of up to 900 Mbps to all our customers. This level of broadband means an entire household can use the internet at the same time regardless of how many devices are connected. As a result, you can just watch a show while another family member is on a video call. You will never face buffering or difficulty downloading or uploading.

All Digital Home broadband locations are powered by CityFibre’s rapidly growing fibre network. This allows us to provide our customers with the best and fastest broadband for their homes. With our growing network, broadband will also be available to you soon if you don’t live in Renfrewshire. Check where we have service for more information.

There are two types of broadband. Copper cable is associated with traditional broadband, while Digital Home’s network uses fibre. Fibre broadband offers faster speeds and signal strength than traditional broadband. Fibre optic cable, compared to copper, has the capacity to hold large volumes of data (up to 900 Mpbs with Digital Home), which means all the devices in your home can be used at the same time without being interrupted.

When you buy broadband from us, we’ll send you a free router. When the activation day comes, you simply plug in the router – this will allow you to access the Wi-Fi. On your device, simply select the correct Wi-Fi and enter the password found on the router and your wireless enabled device will be connected.

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