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Are you looking for the best broadband in Cambridge?

We are Digital Home, one of the leading broadband providers in the UK. We provide customers with up to 900 Mbps broadband. This means your whole family can be online working, playing, or surfing – all at the same time. Powered by the CityFibre Cambridge network, we deliver hyperfast broadband at a competitive price.

City Fibre

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Digital Home has been paving the way as one of the UK’s newest hyperfast broadband providers since 2020.

Switching to Digital Home is simple. Our hyperfast fibre network is separate from your existing broadband service and gives you the freedom to move from your existing broadband at a time that suits you. Furthermore, because our broadband provides high quality pure fibre end-to-end performance, you can revel in the fact you won’t have any connectivity issues, regardless of how many devices are connected.

Hyperfast broadband, simply better

Choosing a home broadband package from Digital Home means:
  • A dedicated local customer service team
  • Broadband that can be used by all the family
  • Easy set-up and a free Wi-Fi router
  • Competitive pricing with no in contract increases

What makes Digital Home different?


The whole family can connect, work and play at the same time due to broadband speeds of up to 900 Mbps.

Fibre only

Fibre all the way from the exchange to your home means seamless end-to-end performance.


Using the latest technology means you have reliable fibre broadband without any interruptions.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Full fibre provides Wi-Fi throughout your home allowing to connect and use all your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Stay connected with Cambridge broadband

Did you know that the average person in the UK has access to nine or more internet connected devices? Many of us now live in digital homes, meaning not only are traditional devices using home broadband, but so increasingly are security systems and smart utilities.

We understand that whether you want to connect your computer or sync your home heating, you need a reliable internet connection. Digital Home can make this a reality, delivering the best broadband solution that is also capable of supporting your home into the future as technology develops. With speeds up to 900 Mpbs, you can be safe in the knowledge that Digital Home hyperfast broadband will enable your family to use the internet effortlessly whenever they choose.

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Stay connected with Cambridge broadband

a single, straightforward package
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation Free
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
24 month contract
*for the first 12 months then £45
What’s included
Speed Up to 900 Mbps
Installation £49
Reliability and support Included
Wi-Fi router Included
per month
Up to
12 month contract

A single, straightforward package

  • Up to 900 Mbps from £35 per month
  • No in-contract price increases
  • Locally focused customer care teams
  • Amazing service
  • No installation costs
  • Free router
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Cambridge Fibre Broadband FAQs

How easy is it to switch to Digital Home?

Switching broadband provider is easy with Digital Home. If you don’t currently have a broadband provider you are in a position to order broadband from us and choose an installation date. However, if you’re currently in a contract with another provider you can choose to run Digital Home hyperfast broadband alongside or wait until the term is up to cancel with them.

We offer hyperfast broadband with speeds of up to 900 Mbps. So, regardless of how many devices are connected to the internet in your household, you won’t experience any delays, lack of quality, or buffering.

Find out where we have service and learn more about how we utilise CityFibre’s expanding fibre only network. By working with CityFibre we can provide you with unbeatable broadband speeds that will stand the test of time.

Digital Home customers will receive a free router in the post when they order hyperfast broadband. Once your installation date arrives and the work is complete you simply plug in the router to your new fibre broadband and connect wired and wireless devices easily.

Unlike traditional broadband, which uses copper cables, hyperfast broadband purely uses fibre optic cables. The benefit of fibre optic cables is that they have the ability to hold larger volumes of data, meaning you can have a faster broadband speed. Digital Home can offer up to 900 Mbps due to using a fibre only network – from the exchange all the way to your home.

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