Great news, we can provide full-fibre broadband to your address:

Digital Home is the new broadband choice in .

We work exclusively with CityFibre and we think you can get everything you want from your provider:

  • 10 x faster speeds
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • Amazing service

All for a straightforward, great value price, that won’t change during your contract.

City Fibre
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* first 12 months only
Full fibre broadband is available at ,

Why choose Digital Home full fibre broadband?

Say goodbye to poor customer service, complicated bundles and slow speeds. There is now an alternative to the big broadband providers.

Hyperfast speeds

With symmetric speeds of up to 900 Mbps, the whole family can connect, work and play all at the same time.

Fibre only

All the way from the exchange to your home means no bottlenecks, no sharing and end-to-end performance.

Local support

Getting in touch is easy with a local dedicated team available in your area to answer any questions.

Reliable service

Using the latest technology means you won’t suffer with any broadband or Wi-Fi reliability issues.
What is full fibre broadband?
Want 10 x faster broadband for your home?
Digital Home have the answer.
Standard broadband services use copper cables when delivering broadband to you. This means slow broadband. With Digital Home you won’t need to worry about as fibre optic cables are used throughout the CityFibre network. You will receive lightning speed broadband, up to 900Mbps, straight to your home.
Hyperfast full fibre broadband at a great price

We won’t ever increase the price during your contract with us, installation is free as is a new gigabit Wi-Fi router.

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24 month contract
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* for the first 12 months then £45 a month for the second 12 months
We work exclusively with CityFibre

Working with CityFibre allows us to offer you the very best fibre broadband for your home. We don’t complicate things; a simple, straightforward broadband package with no hidden price hikes. Digital Home are here to provide you with hyperfast broadband for now and the future, a reliable connection, and a local customer service team to help, should you need it.

Got any questions about switching to Digital Home?

Who are CityFibre?

CityFibre are transforming connectivity across the country. They’re building and replacing old copper cable networks with state of the art fibre-optic networks. This means buffering and slow internet will be a thing of the past. By purchasing full fibre broadband from Digital Home you can enjoy the benefits of the CityFibre network.

Digital Home are rolling out new locations rapidly. However, the best way to discover if broadband is available in your location is to use our postcode checker. You can also keep an eye on where we have service and register your interest to stay in the loop regarding full fibre in your area.

With Digital Home you can receive up to 900 Mbps, which is 10 times the speeds offered by standard broadband. This means the whole family can connect, work, and play at the same time regardless of how many devices are being used.

You’ve likely experienced buffering, connection drops, and slow download speeds. Having full fibre broadband to your home will completely change the way in which you work from home, stream shows and movies, game, and all other online activity. Your home will also be prepped for the future as tech develops and a robust broadband solution is required.

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