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5 Upcoming Game Releases for Christmas 2022

Posted on October 31, 2022 in Gaming

If you are hoping for Santa to bring you an Xbox or perhaps a PS5 for Christmas, chances are you are hoping for a game of the year contender to be sitting under the tree, too.

If on the other hand, your console is desperate for a new game, you might have created a wish list of titles that you just need to own!

We’ve looked at 5 games that are due for release just in time for Christmas, and will no doubt keep you occupied when the in-laws come over.

1.      Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Release date: November 2022    Format: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Every year, the release of a COD title leaves gamers jumping at the opportunity to engage in a compelling story, or immerse themselves in the endless possibilities of online play. Following on from the 2019 release, Modern Warfare, this sequel brings back some of the most loved characters in the series, John Price and “Soap” MacTavish.

With the ability to customise weapons even more than before and with the graphics ramped up to new levels, this globally successful franchise edition is possibly the best yet.

Fun fact: in 2020 alone, $3 billion were generated through the various Call of Duty revenue streams.

2.     The Calisto Protocol

Release date: December 2022    Format: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

A scary adventure set in space is always likely to pull in gaming enthusiasts, and The Calisto Protocol is certainly no different. Set in 2320 on Jupiter’s moon, Calisto, the story puts you in the role of a prisoner caught up in an alien invasion – an invasion that has possibly been orchestrated by the prison warden himself. Always low on ammo, you need to be quick-thinking and adapt to the situations evolving around you to survive.

Smooth graphics and a captivating in-game atmosphere make you want to explore more and more of what it offers. For those who enjoy horror, action and gripping stories, this could be the game for you.

Fun fact: achievements are unlocked by your character dying in every possible way in the game.

3.     Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Release date: November 2022    Format: Nintendo Switch

A bastion of the gaming world, both children and adults have been enjoying Pokémon for years. Ever since it graced the screens of the Nintendo Game Boy in 1996, all subsequent Pokémon releases have been met with excitement as fans flock to discover what is happening in the latest instalment.

This ninth instalment is set in the ever sunny Paldea region, and sees the game develop into a fully open-world environment for the first time. This means that the eight traditional Pokémon Gyms can be accessed at any time. The developers have looked to engage new players and inspire those who have played for years by adding several new features. One of these is the ability for your creatures to transform mid-battle. They can change type and will have a crystalline look, adding to the increased visual aesthetic of the game.

With plenty of new Pokémon to discover, lots of new scenery to admire and an endless world to enjoy, this new part of the Pokémon story is sure to appeal to players of all ages. The open-world element is a huge game-changer for both those who have never played before and for those experienced in Pokémon play.

Fun fact: over 88 billion Pokémon have been caught on the Pokémon Go version of the game.

4.     Gotham Knights

Release date: October 2022    Format: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Everyone loves a superhero, and the video games in this sector endorse this fact even more. This latest release focusses on Night wing, Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood and their attempts at restoring law and order in Gotham City.

Throughout the game, players encounter several supervillains looking to take over Gotham and disrupt the work being done by the Superhero characters.

With Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Clayface and the Penguin all trying to destroy the aims of our superhero characters, the player is taken on an adventure that mixes combat, puzzles and storytelling.

Played as a solo game or a two-player co-op, it is a great game for friends to tackle together. A 4-player co-op will also be available where players battle their enemies in an arena completing various objectives as they go.

Fun fact: there have been over 30 Batman games released across all platforms since 1986.

5.     Need for Speed Unbound

Release date: December 2022    Format: PlayStation, Xbox

A racing game is a must-have for most gamers. Bringing you a sense of action, speed, and realism as well as competition, drama and excitement, almost all games in this category raise the adrenalin.

Need for Speed Unbound encompasses all of this. Starting at the bottom of the street racing scale, you must work your way up to be the ultimate road racer.

A booming soundtrack follows you around as you race, and incredible graphics showcase the host of impressive vehicles the game features.

Make tactical decisions to avoid the police, and escape to victory.

Collect precision-tuned, fully customised cars and drive like your life depends on it! Take risks, challenge other racers, and see if you can rise to the top.

Fun fact: need for Speed has been hitting the screens since 1994.

Whichever game you are looking to play this Christmas, think about online gaming. It opens you to opportunities of playing against friends, accessing new content and immersing yourself in gaming more than before.

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