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How to Create the Perfect Gaming Room

Posted on September 23, 2022 in Gaming

Gaming is a big business these days and not just for the brands that lavish us with incredible games and systems to play them on. Gamers themselves are generating huge sums of money in sponsorship, tournament wins, and reviewing the latest gear. This is why, for many, creating the perfect gaming space is vital. It can create a more immersive experience, create a stunning aesthetic, and allow for that private haven where gaming and gaming only takes place.

Who knows, after following these tips, you might consider broadband switching just to give you a more enhanced gaming environment and put yourself up there with the Twitch and YouTube content creators that generate the big money.

Before we go that far though, let’s look at what you need to create the perfect gaming room.

Consider the gaming room size

Before you add a screen, a gaming chair or anything else, consider the size of the room. If you have a box room, a 75” screen is not going to work.  It will fill too much space and you will be too close to the screen to enjoy the game. Instead, plan out in advance what you want your room to contain and work around that. As you draw out a plan you may notice some items won’t fit, or that you may have room for additional features you had first thought of and then shied away from.

What type of gaming are you doing?

If you tend to play on a PC the requirement compared to if you game on a console will be a little different. You may play games on both, but prefer a particular type. If so, lean more towards the one that takes up the most space. Then you’ll never be short on room for all of your gaming escapades.

Below we have broken down the key elements per room type. So, if you game on a console, the first part is for you. If you prefer a PC, then scroll a little further down. At the end of the page will be some pointers that will suit both.

A gaming room for console gamers

If you prefer the world of PlayStation and Xbox then getting the right console room will be important to ensure you get the best gaming experience.

Console gaming chair

For the less seasoned gamer, a chair is a chair, but for those that want to take it seriously, a gaming chair is a dealbreaker. Look for a rocker or a floor chair.  Both help promote comfortable play and are set closer to the floor than the chairs used by those that prefer PC gaming. Rockers allow you to move as you game and can be reclined to whichever level you prefer. Floor chairs tend to be more like beanbag chairs. Whilst very comfy, they don’t offer the same support or movement that a rocker might.

Console gaming TV

Unlike a monitor for a PC, a TV for console gaming can be pretty much any TV. As long as it supports the relevant cables. Look to have the TV elevated to above eye level and either wall mounted or on an entertainment stand. Size and sound are all dependent on the room size. Although, if the space is big enough, optimum screen size is seen at about 55”. Remember, you can add soundbars to increase the immersive experience.

If you go down the route of an entertainment centre to hold your TV and console, you have also created an area to store all your peripherals and games without taking up more space.

A gaming room for PC gamers

It is a little more different setting up a PC gaming room, although some enthusiasts would say that there is much more to it.

PC gaming chair

When gaming on a PC, you need to be at more of a level with the screen that when gaming on a console. Quite often people utilise the chair that may have come with the desk your PC monitor sits on. However, depending on the length of your gaming session, these may not be particularly comfortable. Look to invest in a PC gaming chair, it may look like an office chair, but it’s geared towards your comfort and experience.  Consider an option with speakers built in for a more in-depth experience. Comfort is important so check for lumbar support and find a chair material that feels comfortable. Leather and vinyl look great and are easy to clean but not the most breathable of materials. Microfibre is comfortable but not as easy to clean. Aside from this, consider who is playing. If the whole family are playing, the ability to clean it may be more key than comfort.  

PC gaming desk

PC gaming requires your keyboard, your mouse, and your monitors so you need the space to accommodate them all. If your room is small, you may be able to utilise space by housing the PC on the floor with the other items on the desk surface. This is often frowned upon though as it doesn’t allow for as much ventilation for the equipment. Therefore, look for a shelved desk that allows you to elevate your PC. Have as broad space as possible for the surface and factor in the need for draws. Accessories and games need to be stored somewhere.

Pc gaming monitors

With console gaming, the action takes place on one screen whereas those that love to dive right in with PC gaming often play across multiple monitors. This means that the monitors you chose will need to be suitable for the space you have given yourself. You can invest in monitor mounts that help free up some space and also elevate the screens to a level that doesn’t increase the potential for neck strain. Ideally, have it set so that the screens are just above eye level.  The number of screens isn’t important, but many gamers like to use two or three. One standard screen in the middle and two thinner but tall screens at the sides.

PC gaming accessories

Keyboards, mice, and speakers are all important to make sure your gaming experience is worthwhile. To increase the gameplay, use a pad underneath the mouse and keyboard. This prevents them from excessive movement and allows you more control when playing. With speakers, you can, if space allows, add these to the desk but you can also consider, wall mounting or using floor stands.

Gaming room ideas everyone should use

In addition to these key points that are suitable for each type of gaming. Consider how some small alterations to the room, regardless of your gaming type can enhance your room and make it even better.

Blackout curtains

Not only will they reduce the glare on your screen, but the vibrant graphics will stand out much more.

LEDs and fluorescent lights

Lighting can enhance your experience. Having a customized lighting set-up can make your room stand out. With the blackout curtains shutting light away, the addition of this lighting will brighten up the room subtly enough to create real impact but not make the closed curtains irrelevant. Look for those that can have brightness and effects altered to suit.

Gaming themes

If you love your gaming, you could adorn the walls or shelving with gaming merch. Whether it be collectable figures, classic gaming posters or retro consoles. They all look good and show that gaming is your life!

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