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What is FTTH & Why Should You look into It?

Posted on April 28, 2022 in Tech

When it comes to choosing an internet service provider the avalanche of terms, information, and numbers can be daunting. They all may sound amazing, but you could end up being blinded by the technical terms and getting yourself something that isn’t the best option for you.

FTTH, or Fibre to The Home, is one of the terms you may have heard recently and is the key to getting the best speeds and most reliable broadband.

At Digital Home we provide hyperfast broadband via FTTH allowing customers to enjoy speeds of up to 900mbps. So, what is FTTH and why should you go down this route when choosing a new broadband provider?

What is Fibre to the Home?

Fibre to the Home is the supply of ultra-fast broadband direct to your home. It works by having fibre cables from the exchange routed directly to your house. This means a smooth, fast-flowing stream of data allowing for an unbreakable internet connection. No buffering, no glitching, and no missing out on the action when streaming.

Currently, just under 30% of British homes enjoy an FTTH connection but by 2026 it is expected that 85% of households will be browsing, shopping, watching, and gaming with a super quick broadband supply.

How does FTTH work?

Fibre to the home, as mentioned above, runs fibre optic broadband cables into your home direct from the exchange. The cables, made from glass, transmit data via light that is transferred down the cable at rapid speed.

How is FTTH different to FTTC?

FTTC, commonly known as fibre to the cabinet is the slower, older brother of FTTH broadband supply. It works by having fibre cables send internet data to a cabinet which then relays the data to the home via copper cables. It is significantly slower than FTTH and in many cases, the top speed you will see from FTTC is just 80Mbps. For some, this is fine, but with multiple devices now the norm in households, and the way we watch TV or play games evolving, FTTC is unlikely to be able to take the strain of the modern home.

FTTC speeds also vary on the length of the cable. Somebody living close to the cabinet will have faster speeds than someone living further from it as the data has less distance to travel.

FTTC tends to be seen in most houses but with the increase in demand for quicker and more reliable internet, as the rollout picks up pace, this will change over the coming years

What is ADSL broadband?

In all likelihood, you do not have fibre broadband in your home yet, despite the fact that it is available to 30% of UK households. Most homes have ADSL which is purely supported by copper cables in its transmission of data. A copper line starts at the exchange, travels to the cabinet, and then passes on to your home. This older version of home broadband supply commonly sees speeds ranging from 8mbps-24mbps.

Can I change to FTTH from FTTC?

Yes is the answer. Luckily most suppliers of FTTH can offer you a checking service to see if it is available in your area. The planned expansion is moving at a rapid pace and the availability is changing, almost daily. At Digital Home, we have a postcode checker that allows you to see whether our 900mbps hyperfast broadband can reach your home.

Is FTTH cheaper than FTTC?

At present, it is a little more expensive. This though is expected to change with the rollout of more and more FTTH connections. That being said, the prices do not currently stand out enough to be too high. When you compare the speeds and reliability provided by FTTC to those from FTTH, the price differential is minimal.

Shall I get FTTH in my home?

If you have checked and found that FTTH is available in your area, the simple answer would be yes. Especially with the strains we put our home broadband under these days. When we aren’t browsing Facebook, we are shopping on Amazon, when we aren’t binging Netflix, we are on video calls. Then look at home many people are in your household and how many internet-connected devices are in action……can the FTTC take the strain?

At Digital Home, we provide hyperfast FTTH broadband to thousands of families. As we rapidly roll out you can be part of the tech revolution and enjoy smooth connection and incredible speeds. Contact us today to see if we have reached your area yet.

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