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Which Should You Pick: Gaming PC or Console?

Posted on February 9, 2022 in Gaming

Gaming is a huge multi-billion-pound business and over the past two years with the lockdowns and restrictions in place, online gaming exploded in a way it hadn’t done before. Games such as Call of Duty and Animal Crossing skyrocketed in popularity due to the ability to connect with friends – albeit virtually.

What if you are looking to take the dive into the gaming world though? Do you go with the PC or immerse yourself in the next-gen consoles?

Pros and cons of console gaming

Whether it be Xbox or PlayStation, the next-gen consoles have certainly kept the gaming community on it’s toes. New releases with high quality visuals, cinematic soundtracks and endless online challenges have meant that the market has continued to attract new players.

Advantages of game consoles

Consoles are very much a plug and play set up in terms of use which makes them appealing to gamers of all ages. Unbox, plug in and play. It is very easy to be on the battlefield, racetrack or football pitch within minutes of getting your new console back home. No need for a certain screen or other peripherals. What you get with your console is all you need to begin playing

Costing less than a PC, and enjoyed by a wider demographic, consoles are also a great way to engage with friends online. Collectively, more friends may own the same console that requires the same amount of memory to play a game whereas a PC owner may not have updated their computer to fit the spec of the game they wish to play with their friends.

Game availability

With both PlayStation and Xbox there are a variety of games exclusive to each console meaning PC owners can sometimes be missing out on the great interaction that these titles bring. For example, the multi-award winning, “The Last of Us” series was only released on PlayStation and left many PC owners frustrated that they couldn’t enjoy a game that scooped up 200 accolades since its release.

No need to upgrade

When a console is released, games are built around the console capabilities meaning you will not have to buy anything extra to make sure you can play the game. This is hugely advantageous as quite often PC owners can find a new game released only to discover their computer doesn’t have the required specification to make it playable.

Pros and cons of a gaming PC

The PC has long been seen as the ultimate experience for the more serious gamer. A fully customisable computer with enhanced graphics, a wider range of controls to fully immerse yourself in the experience and the ability to edit games to your own preferences makes PC playing a more unique experience.

What are the benefits of having a gaming PC?

Briefly touching upon them above, the advantages of PC gaming are quite clear to see. You can make the experience however grand you want it to be within your budget. With options to purchase extra memory, a higher quality graphics card or a bigger hard drive all part of the additional features. You can make gaming a truly cinematic experience.


Whereas with a console you will use just a controller, with a PC you are able to utilise the keyboard, a wireless controller, or a gaming mouse, which for many is a key factor in making the gameplay so adaptable. The different types of game lending themselves to the differing benefits each peripheral has.

Fully customisable

When you buy a console, it is exactly what it tells you it is. With a PC, the possibilities are endless, you can expand it to whatever your preference is for your gaming experience. You also have the ability to alter it visually, so it stands out against all the others. This extends to the games too. Once you dive into the world of mods, you can create unique features for your game that you wouldn’t otherwise find on a console.

Cheaper games

Compared to their console counterparts, games for PC’s tend to be much cheaper. This can be especially advantageous if a lot of money has been spent on the build of the gaming PC. Many platforms now exist where you buy the game as a download and see the financial benefit of not having to buy a physical disc. Although both Sony and Microsoft have online stores from which to buy games, they still tend to replicate the prices of buying a physical edition of the game.

Is PC or console gaming better?

Ultimately it depends on your preference for what you want out of your gaming experience. A console is a cheaper purchase initially but when new editions hit the shelve you will be needing to buy a new one to keep up with the new games on the market. A PC has the expensive initial outlay but can be upgraded as you go in order to keep you up to speed with new releases, which may make the overall cost much cheaper than buying 2 consoles.

The ability to make your games customised and the enhanced graphics lend an advantage to PC gaming but if you are happy to plug and play then it is easy to see why a console would be your choice.

Online gaming on both is great but whereas on a PC it tends to be a free activity, with a console you will need to subscribe to a service to enjoy online play.

Whether you’re a PC fan or a diehard console gamer, you’ll need hyperfast broadband to keep you online without fear of losing connection or lagging speed. Use our postcode checker to see if Digital Home broadband is available in your area.

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