Maximising Wi-Fi coverage

Understanding the options for your home

We deliver hyper fast broadband (up to 900 Mbps) to your home but importantly we are here to help you get the speed you need to your devices around your home. That starts at the beginning, with the location of your home fibre entry and where to best position your Wi-Fi router. Clearly, if broadband speed is important, a wired connection is always the best but most devices in most homes are connected via Wi-Fi.

A gigabit-capable Wi-Fi device (check yours to ensure it is capable), positioned close to the router, will receive great performance. However Wi-Fi performance, in real-life, is susceptible to variables we can’t predict, are often outside of your control and which vary for each household. Including:

  • Your home: Age, size, construction materials and wall thickness.
  • Your devices: Volume, age, spec, capability and proximity to the router.
  • Your previous solution: Legacy routers and old extenders can cause interference.
  • Your everyday home items: Such as Microwaves, fridges, aquariums, tv’s, and Christmas lights.
  • Your home wireless devices: From game controllers, baby monitors, AV to cordless phones.
  • Your PC/Laptop: Network cards, amount of memory left, AV software, background apps.
  • Your neighbours: Their Wi-Fi, devices and appliances can result in “noisy neighbour” syndrome.

Any of which may reduce the ability of the Wi-Fi to reach every corner of your home. So whilst our product comes as standard with a powerful Wi-Fi router, there are some situations where real-life variables mean we recommend adding Extenders to maximise coverage in your home.

For £4 a month each extender broadens the Wi-Fi range and connects additional wired devices. It’s a smaller, but equally powerful, version of the Wi-Fi router and extends your home Wi-Fi bubble. You can add these to your original order or contact us at any time to add to your service. Take a look below and see which one best matches your situation.

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One router

One router with one extender

One router with two extenders

The suggested sq m coverage is for reference only. The actual Wi-Fi coverage will vary based on property specific conditions
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