Switching is easy

Migrating to your new hyperfast broadband is easy.

The good news is that our new hyperfast fibre network operates entirely separately to your existing services, no matter which supplier you currently use for broadband, telephone or TV.

That leaves you free to cancel – or not – your existing broadband, at a time of your choosing, knowing there is zero interruption to service in your home.

You make the switch

1. Check your postcode
Make sure we can connect to your home
2. Contact your current supplier

To confirm you are switch ready.

Switch ready means you know your contract expiry date is soon or you are happy to operate in parallel for a period of time. To help you find your expiry date and how you cancel your contract we have provided details for the main suppliers.

3. Place your order
Select the tariff and order service
We get the service to you
Fibre to your street
It starts with our friends at CityFibre connecting your neighbourhood, at the street level, to their full fibre network. Using our postcode checker will clarify that your home is hyperfast broadband ready.
Fibre to your home
As soon as you place your order, our engineers work with you to get our fibre into your home. Depending on location they will use underground or overhead cables and install a neat new network box inside your home.
Connect your devices
Lastly, we deliver our router to your home. You can connect it yourself, or with our help, to your new network box and link all your wired and Wi-Fi devices to your hyperfast broadband, Wi-Fi enabled home.

All our customers require a home visit to install our fibre to your property. For information on what this entails and what you can do in advance to be ready for your hyperfast broadband just click the link below.

Our happy customers