What is a digital home?

Your home is where you live, work and play and in the modern world that puts increasing pressure on your broadband. Some homes can cope with surfing, connecting mobiles, light gaming and the occasional working from home day.

But when it comes to effective home working, home schooling, multiple competing users, 4k TV, video calling or serious gaming, many homes are already struggling for digital capacity.

This “digital gap” is only going to widen with accelerating use of next-generation immersive home entertainment, home working as the new normal, cloud gaming, digital assistants, home security, home automation and the growth of the “internet of things”.

Does your home need to evolve?

For families
All the family interacting, at the same time. No digital gap means you can all work, shop, game and consume content without restriction or competing for bandwidth.
For gamers
Speed, reliability and latency for amazing experiences. It’s about the fun and the winning. Why not take the competitive advantage that a full fibre network offers?
For entertainment
Streaming live and on demand content from numerous platforms to different users across multiple devices. The options only seem to grow, as does the bandwidth they consume.
For home workers
Work as though were in the office – access applications, collaborate and upload/download files at enterprise speed, without losing productivity.
For smart homes
Your home is evolving, fast. Whether its security, the “internet of things”, e-learning or smart utilities, your home is becoming more digital and you need the platform to support that.
For quality Wi-Fi
Speed is important but it’s got to reach all your devices and locations. That’s why we fit your home with market-leading Wi-Fi technology from Zyxel.

How we can help you

We enable digital homes

Digital homes are where you interact with family, friends and colleagues, engage with content, work and play on all types of devices. It’s also where you digitally connect with your home security, appliances and utilities.

We enable your digital home. We help modern families connect, live, work and play in the digital world.

We provide the hyperfast broadband your home needs

Digital homes need broadband that doesn’t hold them back. We are at the start of a technology revolution that finally allows broadband to exceed current and future needs, setting you free to create your own digital home.

Hyperfast broadband, all the way to the home, is the answer, it’s the connected environment you need to bridge the gap as your home transforms.

Our happy customers