The installation appointment

When you place your order with Digital Home you will also book your preferred installation date. This is either an AM (0800-1300) or a PM (1300-1800) slot on a business day, normally 7 working days from your order being placed.

You will receive an appointment reminder, by text, 48 hours before the appointment.

If you need to change the appointment you can do so at any time, up to 24 hours of your appointment, without charge.

On the day of the appointment, the installation team will contact you approximately 1 hour before their arrival.

The team wear clean, branded uniforms and will introduce themselves showing you their CityFibre Identity Accreditation. At all times they will be courteous, polite, and supportive.

Extra care will be given when interacting with vulnerable customers, be they alone, elderly or require extra assistance in preparing for the appointment activity.

The team will walk through the installation with you, to confirm all activities including cable routes and the location for the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) before any work is started, including the approximate time it will take. With your approval, the team will crack on for an efficient installation.

What is involved in the installation?

The two most important elements are:

  1. How your home will be connected to the network – either overhead, via an existing telegraph pole or underground cabling. That decision will be made in advance of your appointment by CityFibre’s expert engineering team
  2. Where the cable enters your home (the cable entry point). This is positioned on an external wall (300mm from ground level and above any damp course). The engineers will inspect all walls and check for obstacles such as mains water or gas prior to commencing any drilling activity.

Where to locate the Optical Network Terminal box (ONT)

The ONT is your home’s connection to our network. As standard the engineers will plan for it to be secured to an internal wall, usually close to the cable entry point and an available mains socket. The ONT must be 80-100mm above the skirting board, vertical and level.

Remember your Wi-Fi router connects to this ONT, so do please speak with your Digital Home representative or the lead installer about options to locate your ONT to optimise router connectivity and in-home Wi-Fi connectivity. The team may flex the location of the ONT by up to 15m.

Powering Up! What to expect?

There are 4 green service LEDs on the ONT:

LED 1 = Power
LED 2 = Broadband
LED 3 = Service
LED 4 = Ethernet

There are 3 connectors on the underside of the ONT:

Green, left, for fibre.
Black, middle, for power.
Yellow, right, for ethernet.

Connecting your Digital Home router

You will have received your Digital Home router, which should now be plugged in to the power and connected by the provided ethernet cable to the ONT. Important: Make sure it is connected to the WAN port (Black) on your router, there is only one port on the ONT.

On power up, the router will auto configure and connect to our network within 2-3 minutes.

Your SSID (your Wi-Fi networks name) is Digital Home ABCD – where ABCD are the last 4 characters of the MAC address – available on the back of the router.

Your password is also on the back of the router (the 10 characters labelled as “Wi-Fi key”).

End of the installation

The installations team will take photos to record the before/after status of work completed and any repair/replacement work and are, like us, determined to deliver an excellent experience. The team will check that you are happy with the installation and any issues have been recorded.

Any issues preventing the provision of services will be collected and a resolution plan to remove these obstacles will commence. The Digital Home team will be in contact to advise you of the actions and time plan to get you connected.

If you have any questions, please email

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